My name is Rhiannon Evans. I am a SUNY Fredonia graduate in graphic design and photography. This site not only showcases the work I have done throughout my college career, but also my professional one. I have lived in Westfield, NY during my time at Fredonia, and work with photography clients in the area.
Currently, I am working remotely with Churchill Communications and Marketing. I also own three of my own small businesses, Rhiannon Noelle Photography and Design, my design and photography business and my "main" business, Rhi Rhi's Rings, my handmade jewelry business, and Vintage Visions, a business where I collect, clean up, and resell beautifully curated pieces to those who are looking for it! I am currently also looking for more freelance work in other areas and would love to work with you!
Thanks for visiting my site!
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